Bird Island Boat Tours

1672 Old Route 5, Big Bras d'Or, Victoria County, B1X 1B1

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
Our boat, the Puffin Express
Bald Eagles
Atlantic Puffins


Uniquely narrated 2 and 3/4 hour boat tour takes you along the scenic coast to two rock islands, just one mile offshore. Our experienced staff will entertain and educate you with stories of the nature around us to enliven your journey. In May, June, July and August, you will see Atlantic Puffins, other seabirds, Bald Eagles and Grey Seals. (In September you will see Bald Eagles, Grey Seals, some seabirds and a sea cave along our route). The coastal scenery is wonderfully rugged, and worth photographing also.

We have been running for over 45 years. You first have a 40 minute drive to our wharf where you will board our partially-covered Cape Islander, the Puffin Express, for your Nature Trip to the Bird Islands. Binoculars are available to rent, and with removable windows, you will have glass-free viewing. We have Puffin and Eagle souvenirs at our gift shop to rekindle your memories when you return home.

Note : dress warmly - a light jacket is recommended, more layers in early May.

Extra directions

Directions to us can be found here: https://birdisland.net/map/


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