Champagne Cinema: Grease 2 Movie Party - Ashburn, VA

Alamo Drafthouse DC Area (Ashburn), Virginia



"Act cool, look cool, be cool. ’Til death do us part, think Pink!”

We know what you're thinking - how do you follow up a movie ending where the protagonists ascend into the ethereal superhighway paved with black leather, pink lace, and summer love? Well sit down, because Michelle Pfeiffer is going to make sure you learn exactly how. Her, and a whole classroom of overly hormonal teens singing about how the plant world gets it on.

In a surprisingly progressive turn, Grease 2 veers several degrees away from embracing the toxic machismo culture of its predecessor, and instead illustrates the power of how cool it is when ladies don't pretend to be somebody else to win affection (we’re looking right at you, Sandy). Join us for a melody-filled romp with your favorite cliques as we go back to school again.

At this Champagne Cinema Movie Party presentation, not only can you order yourself a craft cocktail inspired by the movie, but we’ll also give you a fannypack’s worth of interactive props to help you find your inner Pink Lady. So break out that hair crimper as we revisit the films that inspired us to play chicken with tractors, attempt to create our own girlfriend using science, and made us feel the need... the need for speed.


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