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Ok, so you finalized your song, professionally recorded it, and paid to have it up on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etcHow To Properly Collect Royalties &amp; Dealing with Copyrights:Have you been curious how to properly collect all of your royalties to equal 100% ownership? What about registering it to US Copyrights Office? I've searched and have asked around and wound up more confused not having clear cut answers or a simple process to easily follow. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mechanical Licences:Have you been wanting to do cover songs but stopped because a buddy of yours said you need mechanical licences?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All of these questions will be discussed and answered at this workshop.We are very fortunate to have some great speakers, breakdown all the misconceptions relating these topics:Adam Schwartz of SongTrust -  <a rel="nofollow" class="extl track" data-track="EventPage clicks-external 1000049215745620" href="https://www.songtrust.com/" target=_blank>https://www.songtrust.com/</a>
Jacob Varghese of Noctil -  <a rel="nofollow" class="extl track" data-track="EventPage clicks-external 1000049215745620" href="http://www.matchiq.io/" target=_blank>http://www.matchiq.io/</a>
If you have been curious about learn the other side of the music making process. Join us and get all of your questions answered!


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