Lady Nade

Glamorgan Street, Brecon, Powys, LD3 7DW


Lady Nade needs no introduction. Within a minute of hearing her voice, this modern soul, rootsy -jazz blues, folk pop balladeer will make you feel as if shes an old friend. Youll find yourself transported to places you have never been to, and you will feel nostalgic for times you have never had. Going to a performance is a reunion. Whoever you are, were or would like to be will be greeted and loved. Youll share a room with her, and shell give you her story. All of it. The joys and sorrows. The full scale from the good, sweet times to the downright dysfunctional. You will love her for it, and she will love you. Be ready. Be prepared. Her tender soulful voice will draw you in. Sing to your very bones. Strip you down then build you up to be more than you were.


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