Adobe Creative Suite Training Lab: Spark & Highlights Reel



Have you ever wished you didn’t have to jump through multiple platforms to get your images ‘social media ready’? Have you ever gotten frustrated by not being able to do everything in one convenient spot? Well you’re in luck! This 3-hour session will serve as both an introduction to Adobe Spark, an industry leading application for the use of social media and image integration and serve as a refresher of the three previous sessions. Whether you work on your company’s social media, proposals, or the related, this course will offer you a variety of skill sets to take back to your firm.


Learning Objectives:

To introduce Adobe Spark as a marketing tool within the A/E/C industry.

To teach how to effectively navigate and use the software.

To have individuals work alongside the presenter.

To reinforce the use of the software and how it can relate to marketing endeavors.



Registrants should have Adobe Spark downloaded and installed on their mobile device.

Registrants should bring a laptop to the session (Windows or Mac is fine).

You are HIGHLY recommended to also bring a mouse for your laptop (working on a trackpad is not advised).

You should have all your working files (not supplied by the SMPS) on your machine AND mobile device prior to the session.




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