Daddy Issues

18-20 Alma Vale Road, Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS8 2HY


If you ever thought you may have "daddy issues" or know someone who does, this show is for you. *A brand-new dark comedy about daddy issues, sex work, fantasies, bad feminism and immigration.The main character, Natalia, is a Polish immigrant, an unsuccessful painter who works on a sex line. She mainly gets calls from older men who want to get a 'young girlfriend experience' and for a moment live out their fantasies of what is no longer easily available to them when they're stuck in tedious jobs, unfulfilling marriages and daily routines.Nat shares insights of her work and the requests she gets, slowly revealing details of her own affairs with men, her emotional baggage left by various complicated relationships and troubles of navigating one's life where dreams are overshadowed by issues carried from childhood into adulthood.Written and performed by Anna Krauze. Directed by Coral Tarran. Script edited by Studio Zero / Sam Williams.Terms and conditions apply. Other parent/child dynamics can be included in this description. All issues welcome. Issue-curious also welcome.


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